A little bit about me:

This is my first year teaching at Le Conte Middle School. This is a very special job to me, it is where I completed my Student Teaching with USC, not to mention I live in the area and consider myself to be apart of this community. I have lived in the Hollywood area since I first moved here to finish film school back in 2014. I graduated and worked at Sony for a short time, before quitting to find a more meaningful career. I decided to get my Masters in teaching from USC Rossier. It was while I was working towards my second degree that I met my husband at the coffee shop behind my then apartment. I am very blessed to have made a life for myself out here in this overwhelming metropolis, like finding a needle in a haystack; I became Mrs. Chavez. We got our first pet during the pandemic, a polydactyl Siamese Mix named Mia. We spend our free time discovering all the pizza places in LA.