Welcome Back!

Dear Parents / Guardians and Students,
     Welcome to this new school year! The goal of this class is for students to become independent lifelong learners of Spanish and English through the development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and other study skills. I am confident that with our collaboration and cooperation, students will be able to meet the required goals while having a fun learning experience.

Class rules and procedures

  1. Be punctual and don't waste time in the hallway or at the entrance.
  2. Enter quietly, sit in your assigned seat, and read the agenda for the day.
  3. Bring your supplies to class every day.
  4. Chewing gum or gum is prohibited.
  5. Be respectful, listen to others, do not use inappropriate language, and keep the room clean and orderly.

 Rewards for Maintenance Rules

  1. Compliments (random)
  2. Positive notes (random)
  3. Other mixed positive benefits (all year round)
  4. The joy of learning (each and every day of the school year)
  5. Call home with a positive message

 If one or more of the rules are broken, the following consequences will occur depending on the severity of the infractions

  1. Warning and a stern look from the teacher
  2. Time out of her seat and isolated from the rest of the class
  3. Time out in another class with a job or homework
  4. Stopping for breakfast (Nutrition) with a job or homework
  5. Detention during lunch (Lunch) with a job or homework
  6. Call home
  7. Sent to the school office with consequences

Directions for the binder (notebook) 

  • Students should bring a three-ring binder (or notebooks) to class every day
  • Students should have divisions (dividers) in their binder and labeled (classified) according to their class names: math, science, English, history, Spanish, PE, etc.
  • Students should keep assignments in a separate section
  • Students must have a pencil/pen bag with blue or black ink pens, a red ink pen for revision and editing, and highlighters text markup.
  • Students should have in their planners signed by their parents and students should give a summary of the assigned homework (s) to an adult from their home each night
  • Students will have their notebooks checked regularly and evaluated for cleanliness, organization, and content.



Meet the goals

  • 4 = Organization, divisions (separators) marked and all materials are in their folder (notebook)
  • 3 = Organization, divisions (separators) marked, the works in their proper place, some of the works are in your folder (notebook)

You need to improve the goals

  • 2 = Divisions (separators), jobs are present, but are elsewhere, some materials are in the folder (notebook)
  • 1 = Possibly some divisions (separators), some jobs are present but very disorganized or chaotic. T
  • 0 = There is no folder (notebook)


* Please see Ms. Garcia before the first review of the planner or folder (notebook) in case you do not have one, something can be arranged


Grading policies

Practice and the process of work is what leads to learning. Just "doing" the job does not demonstrate learning. Academic grades are based on the assessments and your learning portfolio. Academic grades are earned by what a student knows  (content) and what the student is capable of (skills). All points are converted to grades.


Academic Qualifications

A = 100% - 80% Exceptional Work

B = 79% - 60% Very good work

C = 59% - 40% Satisfactory work

D = 39% - 20% Does not meet goals most of the time, needs intervention.

F = 19% - 0% Not passing, shows little or no interest in learning


Evaluation Components

  • Mental Warm-Up = 5 points
  • Tasks = 10 points
  • Subjects in class = 10
  • Vocabulary tests = 10 points
  • Exams = 100 points
  • Evaluations = 250 points
  • Other Writing Assessments = TBA (to be announced)
  • Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) = 10 points


Exams 30%

  • Written Evaluations 30%
  • Folder tests and reviews (notebook) 20%
  • Subjects in class and homework 20%


Work habits

Disclaimer: Three or more tardies will earn an automatic "U" in work habits on your report card. A person is considered late if he/she is not in his/her correct seat and working when the bell rings.


Degrees of Cooperation

  • E = Always respectful and courteous to adults and students and consistently follows rules and procedures. He/she always works well with his / her peers
  • S = Respectful and courteous to adults and students. Follow the rules and procedures. Works well with peers
  • U = Often not rude and defiant to adults and other students. Ignores rules and procedures and does not work well with peers


Homework Policies and Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

  • Homework is assigned either to complete or practice the concepts and skills introduced in class on the need for support
  • Homework is not assigned on purpose in order to have something to do at home
  • Students should always read their Independent Reading Book (SSR) on a daily basis. Reading time is 30 minutes or more per day
  • All homework must demonstrate the best efforts of students and be legible


Absent or late work

  • Absent students have one week from the time they have been absent to do work due to illness or an official appointment
  • Students who were not absent and miss work must make up assignments and will not earn full points. However, keep in mind that some points are better than none!

Curriculum, standards, and texts

  • LAUSD and LeConte MS will loan students textbooks in which they learn narrative, expository, response to literature, persuasion, and research/memoirs through various strategies and focus on specific subgroups of listening, speaking, read and write.
  • Students will have history books, Spanish and English. Some will leave them at home to do homework and study. Others will have to bring each time they go to class.
  • Students must meet goals to be promoted to the next grade level. Topics to be covered will be in social justice as the arts infusing into the standard curriculum.
  • Students are expected to have an independent reading book at all times. Books can be found in our LeConte MS library, classroom library, local library, or from private sources.


How can parents help?

  • Review your child's planner every night and sign the part below
  • Review and discuss homework and ask your child what they learned in class that day
  • Provide a quiet place to study and do homework
  • Look up school year grades every 5 weeks
  • Attend parent nights and council meetings and check school calls or emails


Contact information

  • Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me at (323) 308-1700 and leave a message. You can also contact me via email at lilian.garcia@lausd.net
  • Parents can visit Schoology through the Parent Portal and view assignments/assignments that have been completed and graded to date.