Special Education Program - Support Courses

Joseph Le Conte Middle School

7th Grade DEV ELS/READ MS A & Math Tutoring Lab

Mr. Gomez/Room 209

[email protected]



Welcome to our 7th Grade DEV ELS/READ MS A & Math Tutoring Lab Classes! I look forward to taking part in the journey of giving you the resources and skills necessary

for English Literacy and Math. My belief is that every student is capable of achieving their learning goals with effort and hard work that comes from structure and motivation. My goal is to come prepared daily and give a 100% effort during each instructional period. I expect the same from you.


Course(s) Overview

These courses will mainly involve teaching basic English Language and Math Skills with the purpose of giving students the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to meet the 7th grade California Standards. We will be a Resource and Tutoring Class that will also focus on the content that is being taught in your General Education Math and English Classes. 


Grading Values

Classwork = 50%

Homework = 10%

Quizzes/Tests/Projects = 30%

Participation = 10%


Grading Scale

A = 85-100%

B = 75-84%

C = 65-74%

D = 55-64%

F = 0-54%


Materials Needed

Chromebook with charger (charged) 

Textbook and/or Workbook 

Composition Book

Book to read (of your choice)

Paper and Pencil

2-Pocket Folder


Daily Expectations

In order to have a productive and safe learning environment, the following procedures and guidelines are expected to be followed:

  • Come to class On time, prepared, and ready to work
  • Food, beverages, and personal items are not allowed in the classroom (bottled water is OK)
  • Enter the classroom orderly and quietly & take your assigned seat
  • Place your Cell Phones in the Phone Caddy upon entering 
  • Stay in your assigned seat at all times 
  • Raise your hand to ask questions
  • Return any borrowed materials
  • Clean your work area
  • Wait to be excused by the Teacher
  • Place your chairs on the table every Friday before leaving (Homeroom only)
  • Restroom passes will not be given the first and last 15 minutes of class
  • Be organized, ready to participate, and always stay on task
  • Complete and submit assignments on time
  • Check Schoology daily
  • Be respectful of others and their property
  • Always do your best!


Our Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time and ready to work
  2. Respect others and the classroom
  3. Raise your hand to speak
  4. No food, drinks, gum, or personal items allowed
  5. No electronics or Cell Phones
  6. Wait for the teacher to dismiss you



First Offense: Verbal Warning

Second Offense: Name on board

Third Offense: Detention

Fourth Offense: Parent Phone Call

Fifth Offense: Office Referral/Parent conference


Communication is important

Please feel free to contact me via Schoology when you have any questions, comments or concerns.