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Mr. Haun, Drama Teacher 


Welcome to Le Conte Middle School’s Intro to Theatre Arts!


My name is Mr. Haun. This is my first year teaching theatre arts at Le Conte as one of the offered electives.


I recently moved to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I taught Drama for two years. Before that, I taught Playwriting for six years at the School of the Arts. I also have an MFA in Playwriting from Columbia University and have been directing productions of my own plays for over 20 years.






This year-long course is activity/performance based and is designed to introduce students to the theatre arts. Students can expect to be develop knowledge, skills, and assignments that will challenge their abilities and comfort levels. This is intended to build their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.




Students will:


  1. Practice effective techniques for body and voice onstage
  2. Demonstrate understanding of basic theatre terminology and acting skills through performance evaluations and testing
  3. Identify key elements in technical theatre and design
  4. Improvise, write, and memorize scripted and original materials for performance
  5. Demonstrate a variety of theatrical styles






  • Kindness
  • Good listening (one person talks at a time)
  • NO Hoodies
  • ALL phones MUST be place in phone caddy on entering class (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • NO Headphones, AirPods, make-up, nail-polish, etc. (items will be confiscated)
  • No eating, chewing gum (water is OK, be sure it has a lid)




  • Student and Teacher have conference
  • Depending on infraction, nutrition or lunch detention (student will be allowed to eat)
  • Phone call, email, or text to parent/guardian
  • Referral to counseling office
  • Parent Meeting




  • Excused tardy — student must bring note from teacher/admin/office
  • Unexcused tardy MUST sign the Tardy Log
  • More than 3 tardies in 1 month — “S” for work habits on report card
  • More than 5 tardies in 1 month — “U” for work habits on report card, Counselor/Parent contact



  • Student is responsible for completing and submitting missed work within 3 days of return



  • Unexcused missed performances student grade Dropped by 1 letter grade
  • Excused missed performances/students must present performance material (when possible) OR complete a memorized 2 min. performance monologue



  • 1-2 pencils and/or pens AND spiral notebook and/or paper




4- Mastery         100- 80    (A) You have provided evidence that you have mastered the material covered

3- Proficient       79 – 60     (B) Shows evidence of mostly grasping the material covered but are inconsistent with minor misunderstanding or errors.

2 -Approaching 59 -40      (C) You have shown some evidence of understanding, but have numerous errors

1 -Beginning 39 -20      (D) Minimal /very little evidence of understanding of material Late and/or Missing Assignments - Late assignments will be

0 -Below Basic 19 – 0      (F) Very little to no work/ assignments have been completed


*Late assignments will be determined on individual basis

**Missing assignments calculate as a Zero toward final grade




  •  E - Completes All assignments on time / fully participates in discussions and activities / uses suggestions to improve work / Uses electronic devices responsibly / respects others
  •  S - Completes Most assignments / participates in most discussions and activities / sometimes takes suggestions to improve / usually uses electronics responsibly / respects others Most of The time
  •  U - Completes few / No assignments / rarely participates in class / attendance / on time issues / doesn’t use suggestions to improve / doesn’t respect others / doesn’t use electronics responsibly and doesn’t follow directions




  • Introduction to Theater: Beginning with an overview of theater history, terminology, and basic acting techniques. Students will get to know each other, their strengths, and interests.
  • Improvisation and Ensemble Building: Fostering teamwork and creativity through improvisational exercises and group activities. Encouraging students to think on their feet and support one another.
  • Script Reading and Analysis: Introducing students to play scripts and guiding them through script analysis exercises. Focusing on understanding characters, themes, and the structure of a play.
  • Monologue performances: September 7th/8th
  • Stagecraft and Technical Training: Introducing students to various technical aspects of theater, such as set design, lighting, sound, and costume.




  • Performance of Student-Written Plays: Showcase the short plays written by students, giving them an opportunity to see their work come to life.
  • Advanced Acting Techniques: Introducing more advanced acting techniques, such as method acting, character analysis, and emotional recall.
  • Directing Workshop: Interested students will get a chance to learn about directing and I will guide them in directing short scenes or monologues.
  • Costume and Set Design Project: Groups of students will learn to design and create costumes and sets for the spring play, promoting creativity and collaboration.
  • Final Rehearsals: Dedicating ample time for rehearsals, polishing the spring play for its performance.
  • Spring Play Performance: Multiple performances of the spring play to showcase the growth and progress of the students over the year.
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