Common Solutions for School Issued Technology

1. Need to reset your password?
This can be done on any device including a smart phone (in case you can't log in to the chromebook provided to you by the school.)
Click this link and follow the instructions.
(make sure to enter your birthday in the proper format and type everything correctly and remember your password) 
*If you need your PIN contact your teacher, other support staff or call the school.
You can send an email request from our Staff Directory Page which is linked on the Home Page 
Or click here 
2. Finding Zoom links for your classes in Schoology (LMS.LAUSD.NET)
Finding Schoology Zoom Link
3. Your Chromebook may need to be updated 

This can sometimes help resolve issues like trouble accessing the Zoom link and other glitches. 
4. Not seeing portions of the web page or screen?
You may be zoomed in.
Press and hold down the shift/ctrl button or ctrl button and then the + or - sign on your keyboard and the screen/pic should get bigger or smaller.
5. Other technical issues with your device 
You can call the district IT support department @ 213-241-5200 listen for the "Parents and Students needing Instructional Support" option and press that number.
*It should be Option 8
6. Still need help or have other questions?
Fill out the Student Help Request Form (Fall 2020) and someone from our school will call you