Hello, my name is Mr. Valdes and I will be your child's Resource teacher. I've been a teacher at Le Conte Middle School for almost 15 years. I look forward to working with you and helping in the success of your child's academic path.
 Instructional Goals 
1. To achieve success in all content areas. 
2. To develop and reinforce study and organizational skills. 
3. Promote student responsibility and personal life skills. 
Organization of Instruction 
1. A portion of each week will be teacher directed instruction addressing study skills, organizational skills, and individual needs. 
2.The remainder of the week will be independent study of content area assignments with teacher assistance and guidance available to each student. 3. Progress will be monitored routinely. Parents are able to monitor grades and assignments using Parent Portal. This will require login information that can be obtained from Le Conte Middle School’s Parent center. 
4. The individual goals of each student will be addressed and accommodations made as necessary. Consultation and communication with content area teachers will be used to assist each student. This class is not just for general education support. Students need to complete weekly assignments in order to receive a passing grade.                                                                                                                                                       
Student Responsibilities 
1. Students are required to bring all necessary materials to class. This includes a charged Chromebook. 
2. Student is responsible for completing a weekly/daily plan for completing homework, tests, quizzes, and projects. 
3. Each student is expected to use time in class for academic success. 
4. Each student is expected to behave in an appropriate manner that enhances the learning of the student, and does not interfere with the learning of others. 
5. No cell phones are allowed in class per student handbook change. 
6. Each student is expected to participate in daily conversations and lessons designed for the whole class. 
Grading Procedures 
1. Grades will be maintained in Schoology.
 2. Grades will be given based on daily work completion which includes general education assignments and resource room assignments. 
3. Grading Breakdown100 pts per week, 80 points per week for completing general education classroom assignments, tests, quizzes and projects. 50 points of the 80 will be based on assignment completion and 30 points per week of the 80 will be based on behavior and participation. 20 points per week will be completion of the resource room assignments.