Hello LeConte Community, 
I am your College and Career Readiness Coach as well as the Testing and Technology Coordinator :)
Do you know the ABC's of getting on track to College and a good Career?
Course Marks (grades)
If you're doing well in those three categories, you are on track!
If not, come see me, a counselor or another adult for help. 
Furthermore, as a former Health teacher I like to encourage self-care and promote well-being amongst children and adults alike.
I am an advocate of the whole-child approach and think socio-emotional learning is crucial to success. 
So make sure you are: 
1. Getting Enough Sleep
2. Eating Healthy 
3. Staying active
4. Limiting Screen time (less social media, video games, internet and tv. More meaningful connections with family and friends in real life)
5. Practicing de-stressing strategies (mindful breathing, etc.)