Figueroa - Syllabus for Math 7 / 8

Classroom Management
The discipline policy in this class requires each student to be responsible for his/her own
actions. Each student deserves to have the most positive learning experiences possible.

Classroom Rules
1. Be in your seat with pencils sharpened, ready to work when the bell rings.
2. Be respectful to others and their property at all times.
3. No talking, eating, drinking, or gum chewing in the classroom.
4. No electronic equipment, make-up, etc. These items will be confiscated.
5. Raise your hand before speaking.
6. The bell does not dismiss the class.

Consequences for Breaking Rules
Strikes System (6 strikes):
1. 1st strike - You will receive a verbal warning and name on the board.
2. 2nd strike - Conference with student and contact parent/guardian. Nutrition detention
and “S” on report card.
3. 3rd strike - After school detention for a week (10 minutes every day) and “U” on report
4. 4th strike - After school detention (1 hour).
5. 5th strike - Parent/teacher conference.
6. 6th strike - Referral to the Counseling Office or Intervention Office.

Positive Consequences
1. Good grade.
2. Student of the week.

Materials Needed
1. Three ring binder containing graphing or lined notebook paper.
2. Two or more pencils.
3. Eraser.
4. A sharpener.

Assignments and Quizzes
1. Assignments should be neatly done in pencil. Any assignment turned in without a
name or in pen will not be given any credit.
2. All assignments must have first and last name, period and date in upper right corner.
3. Assignments should be turned in on time. Late work is not accepted unless a note is
provided with parents consent.
4. Tests and quizzes will be given every two weeks. Arrangements should be made to
make up the tests and quizzes if absent.

Students Should
1. Feel free to seek my help if they are having problems.
2. Not hesitate to ask questions if they do not understand any of the material being
3. Be prepared to have a good time learning in class and being successful this year.

Grading System
Tests/Quizzes = 45% 
Homework = 15% 
Participation/daily warm-up = 10% 
Classwork = 30% 
Extra Credit: Student of the week and below F
Work Habits  E, S and below U
Cooperation - grade will be based upon classroom behavior and your ability to follow
Consequences for Tardies
1st tardy: After school detention (10 minutes).
2nd tardy: Contact parent/guardian and “S” on report card for work habits.
3rd tardy: Referral to PSA Counselor, student conference, and “U” on report card for work
The learning of Math is developmental, with one skill building on the next. It is
necessary for you to keep up with your work. There may be occasions when you have
to spend extra time on an assignment to fully grasp it.
Parent communication is very essential towards helping students achieve academic
excellence. You can communicate with me by calling the school at (323) 308-1700.