Special Education Program - Support Courses

Math Tutoring  

Developing Readers and Writers  

Developing English Language Support 


Mr. Fahy 


In this course, students will receive support to improve the math, reading, and writing skills they need to succeed in their math and English courses.  


Student School Materials 

Each student needs to bring 

  • 2 pencils and an eraser, 
  • college-ruled lined paper, 
  • a binder or folder to hold work, and 
  • a free reading book at their independent level. 

Learning to be organized for work is essential. 


Class Procedures 

Entering Class  

Enter quickly and orderly. Start working before the bell rings at Daily Practice in math or English (5-10 minutes). 

During Class 

Our goal is to be productive every day. After Daily Practice, we will turn to individualized lessons to meet each student’s needs. 


Ending class 

  1. Safe and orderly, put away materials and computers, clean up the room.
  2. Exit safely and orderly.


Class Rules – Simple, safe, and focused 

  1. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. You are tardy if not.
  2. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. Respect the class.
  3. Eyes on the teacher or speaker when they are talking. Respect the class and teacher.
  4. Follow directions quickly the first time. Respect yourself and the class.
  5. Use respectful language and behavior towards others. 
  6. Respect the room – keep food, drink, and gum outside.
  7. Follow all school rules. Be respectful.

I will praise or call home when behavior is good. When behavior correction is needed, I will give positive behavior support: reminder, or meeting with student, or phone call to family, or meeting with family, or other support action.  


Goal Setting and Growth Measurement 

Each student will have personal progress goals. The goals will be in  

  1. Daily Effort
  2. Math Skills
  3. Phonics and Spelling
  4. Reading Fluency
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Grammar

Each student’s improvement in these areas will be measured and reviewed with him or her. We will set new goals or try new lessons, and continue. 


Course Grades 

Grading is based on improvement from beginning skills levels. With the family’s help, our students can do it!