Mr. Dankaro, Science Teacher

Hello and welcome to Middle School Science and Health. This course is planned to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary for leading a successful and productive life in a technological society and to develop a firm understanding of the basic principles of  Science and Health.  Please take a few minutes to review the letter and then complete the google form.


Instructional Activities:

Classroom activities will include lectures, demonstrations, activities and labs. Students are responsible for taking complete and accurate notes and actively participating in all activities.

There will be a formal laboratory associated with each unit. Students will be required to submit a

typed laboratory report. Test and quizzes will be given on Thursday or Friday depending on if you have an odd or even class period.

Students are expected to maintain a daily reflective journal on what they learned in science class each day.


The use of technology is an integral part of this class.

Students will regularly access internet resources for classwork and homework.

It is my practice to occasionally videotape class activities to evaluate my instructional practices.


Grading/Citizenship Policy:

Subject Grade: Students will be graded on five categories of assignments. 50% of the final grade will come from homework, class work and labs. The other 50% will come from tests and projects.


            100%   -   85%     =    A

              84%   -   75%     =    B

              74%   -   65%     =    C

              64%   -   55%     =    D

              Below     55%     =    F 


Work Habits: A mark of E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory), or U (Unsatisfactory) will be given based on the student’s participation and efforts on assignments.

Cooperation: A mark of E (Excellent), S (Satisfactory), or U (Unsatisfactory) will be given based on the student’s conduct. Three unexcused tardies or excessive unexcused absences are an automatic “U” for the grading period.


Late and make-up work:

Students will be responsible for determining what assignments they have missed as a result of their absence.  Students have two days to make up the missing assignments.

Zoom Classroom Expectations: 

  1. Be on time and sitting up in a quiet place
  2. Keep your audio button on mute unless you are sharing
  3. You are encouraged to keep your camera on. (You look great!)
  4. Use the chat box appropriately

Students are advised to comply with the established rules for student behavior at Le Conte Middle School found in the student handbook.

Requesting a Parent Conference:

There may be times during the year that you may have questions or concerns regarding your child’s academic progress. A conference may be scheduled through the main office.

The student is expected to participate in the conference.


Supplies: The following lists of supplies are essential for this class:

  1. LAUSD email account
  2. Google classroom account
  3. Class dojo account
  4. Pencil(#2) Pen(blue or black) Crayons, markers or colored pencils


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or class dojo.  You are welcome to visit our zoom class any time. I sincerely look forward to meeting you and working with your child.