Advice from Mr. Koda's students

So you want to do well in Mr. Koda's class?  Here's some advice from my students:
"Do not eat sunflower seeds PLEASE!!! Also please u guys, you might think Mr. Koda gives a lot of work and it might be hard but trust me when I say this, if you pay attention and actually do your readings and annotate, the test will be extremely easy and you can probably get an easy A. If you put your time into it this class will be extremely easy and you won't have a problem. When I first had Mr. Koda I didn't try too hard and let's just say I didn't have the best grades. But now I pay attention and have a grade that I didn't expect myself to have and trust me you can get an easy A if you just take some time to read. It doesn't even take long to do assignments if you know what you're doing. It's ok to have fun but just make sure you pay attention and participate and if you do, this class will be a piece of cake!" M.R.
"Never eat sunflower seeds in his class. No, Mr. Koda doesn't give extra credit so don't ask - he will not change his mind. Always do your tests and essays. It's what matters most to pass his class. Warning he’s very mean so I suggest to not act up he will torture you with lots of work. Never copy an essay from the internet. He does not take plagiarism lightly, trust me... Even though there's been times he makes me wanna pull out my hair he really is the best teacher ever and I mean it so don't give him a hard time. Pay attention when doing the readings he hands out. You will regret it when you don't know what the reading is about. He randomly picks someone and gives them a question, he will put you on the spot so always be ready. Other than all of that just participate and do your work - it's not that hard. He makes really bad dad jokes too btw." B.G.
" attention and study really hard for your class because you never know when Mr. Koda will give you a quiz. And when Mr. Koda makes a joke, just laugh so that you don't hurt his pride and feelings." I.G.
"A piece of advice I would give is to: follow instructions, do your homework because when the tests come you will have a hard time answering the questions on the test. I also suggest studying for tests because they are really important. And do your essays as they are a big part of your grade. And don't say you like sunflower seeds next to Mr. Koda. Good luck!" H.K.
"The advice I would give is to listen in class and pay attention. Also do not eat sunflower seeds in his class because Mr. Koda doesn't like sunflower seeds. Learn how to write your notes fast and also keep all your notes." L.H.
"From my personal experience in Mr. Koda's class, I learned that you should always do your work and assignments (meaning your homework). Even though Mr. Koda reviews the homework with you guys and talks about the material in class, doing homework is good since you are more familiar with the topic during the class which makes it easier for you to learn and remember the topic. Also try to participate and pay attention in class. By paying attention you might understand or notice something that you might've missed or didn't pay attention to when doing your homework, and participation helps you remember what you learned. Furthermore, please do all your essays and tests, these are the things that help you improve your grades and show Mr. Koda what you learned. Finally, please take all the opportunities that are given to you since this is all done for you to LEARN and be successful! ...although this class might sometimes be or seem a little challenging and hard, it's all done for you to learn and succeed not only in middle school but all throughout your life!" E.M.
"Well be prepared, pay attention and good luck you're going to need it." R.T.
"(Do) not fall behind on work and to make sure to do your study guides because they are your best friend in this warzone of a class." J.M.
"Don't try doing everything at the last minute and ask questions if you don't know what Mr. Koda is talking about." J.T.
"Run :)" J.L.