8th Grade Science Syllabus

Course Summary: This course is designed to help middle school students learn the
foundational skills necessary for success in high school science courses. In this course,
students will gain an understanding of physical science through collaborative learning,
classroom activities, homework assignments, assessments, projects, and hands-on lab
I strongly believe that in order to have your child reach success in my class, parent
involvement is key. With that said, please review (both parent and the child) the policies,
procedures and grading system for this class. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail,
schoology or note if you have any questions or concerns.
Course Objectives:
The materials covered in this course are based on the State of California Science Content
Standards for grade 8.
During the course of the year, we will learn about: Motion and Forces, Evolution, Space &
GRADING is based on the following:
Test & Quizzes 25%
Homework 25%
Class work/Activities/Discussions Projects / Group Work / Labs 50%
Grading is on the MASTERY GRADING scale: 1-4 (F-A)
Grading scale based on the following EKS and SLO’s as follows for the semester:
EKS #1 General Science/Metric system/scientific method
EKS #2 Forces & Motion
EKS #3 Newton's Laws
EKS #4 Work and Machines
EKS #9 Magnetism
EKS #8 Electricity
Habits of Accountability
SLO Communicator, Documenter, Presenter
SLO Self Directed Learner
● All assignments need to be turned in by the due date which is written on all
assignments in schoology.. 15% will be taken off for each day it is late. If an
assignment is due on Friday, it will be considered two days late (loss of 30%) when
turned in on Monday. A Zero will be given for any assignment not turned in. An
attempted assignment is worth more than not turning in an assignment.
● It is each scientist’s responsibility to get any missed notes, assignments, quizzes or
tests when they return from an absence. For each day absent, there is one day to
make up work, test or quiz for each day absent.
● Taking notes in class is suggested as I give open note quizzes!!!
● ***HOMEWORK will be collected at RANDOM. It is your responsibility to complete
all homework assigned as quizzes and tests will be based on your homework and
● Having NO missing work will be rewarded with extra credit.
● Work Habits are determined by the number of assignments turned in/missing and
● COOPERATION is based on being a team player, being respectful to yourself, your
fellow classmates, the teacher as well as your surroundings.
Cheating will not be tolerated in my class. All students involved in cheating will receive a
ZERO on their assignment/test/quiz and may be referred to the main office and/or have
parents notified.
Remember … It’s ok to give help or hints, but it is NOT ok to give answers! (exception for
all tests and quizzes!)
Absences and Make-Up Work: Students who are absent from class are responsible for
checking their class folder for any notes, homework, or classwork assigned on the day(s)
they were absent. If a test or quiz was missed, the student is responsible for arranging a
make-up time before, during or after school no more than one week from the date of the
missed assessment. Due date extensions will be arranged on an as-needed basis for
excused absences, but students are expected to submit all make-up work as soon as
possible. If an absence is anticipated, students are encouraged to request work in advance.
Late Work: Turning in assignments on time is very important! A penalty of 10% of the
total grade will be assessed for each day an assignment is late. Work received more than 5
days after the due date will receive an automatic 50%. NO late submissions will be
accepted for homework or agenda/warm-up checks. NO late work will be accepted fewer
than 5 days prior to the end of the grading period.
Work habits scale as follows:
E- No more than 2 tardies and at least 90% of all assignments turned in
S - No more than 4 tardies and at least 70% of all assignments turned in
U - 5 or more tardies OR less than 70% of all assignments turned in
Cooperation: determined if the scientist is following directions and classroom rules while
being respectful and responsible during discussions and teamwork. In addition being
respectful to yourself ,your classmates, your teacher and the classroom!
TUTORING / EXTRA CREDIT opportunities:
Tutoring will be held in my class during recess, lunch for questions.
***Extra credit opportunities are optional and will be given periodically throughout the
***REQUIRED Materials for this course (Students are expected to have these
materials in class by Friday) 1 inch 3-ring binder (preferably with plastic insert
cover) (will keep in class. Students can take them home when needed. This binder will
contain all of the students work throughout the semester. Students will show this to their
parents during conferences)
5 binder tab dividers
Loose college ruled notebook paper
x2 Pencils with erasers
****Recommended- Composition Notebook as we take a lot of NOTES in science!!!
Glue stick
Ruler (6 or 12 inch)
Colored pencils
* You will be required to bring other materials for class work or experiments.
Use Code: 70010123 and give 5% back to LeConte at OFFICE DEPOT or OFFICEMAX
1. Be prepared for class EVERY DAY.
2. Be respectful to yourself and your classmates.
3. Participate actively in all class activities.
4. Follow instructions the first time they are given
5. Be responsible with loaned and owned materials
6. ALL students will be responsible in leaving a clean and orderly environment
For scientists who have trouble following the class rules, they can expect:
1. Verbal Warning/cool down period/notice home 6. Parent-Teacher phone
2. Lower score in SLO’s 7. Parent-Teacher conference
3. Student-Teacher conference during recess 8. Grade of Unsatisfactory on
report card for Cooperation
4. Student detention during recess 9. Referral to Intervention Coordinator
Class suspension
5. Negative Blackboard notice
* Severe behavior issues will result in advanced consequences*
Scientists will follow all school rules and regulations.
Scientists will be prepared to learn before the tardy bell rings.
Only items associated with science class will be out.
Scientists will talk and be out of their seat only during appropriate times.
No gum, food, drink or electronics. (Water permitted, except during labs)
Scientists will leave a clean and orderly environment. Scientists who follow these rules on a
regular basis they can expect to receive: Verbal praise, Entry for class drawing for prizes,
Positive ConnectEd, and sometimes even extra credit! Grade of Excellent on report card
for Cooperation. Classes that continually follow the class rules, will receive class points
that can be redeemed for class rewards.
Scientists will act in a responsible manner and will respect themselves, their fellow
scientists, their teacher, their classroom and their school at all times.