Joseph Le Conte Middle School

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School Site Council (SSC)

School Site Council


November 16, 2017 3:00PM-4:00PM


  1.  Welcome/Call to Order Rosa Quintanilla, Chairperson


  1.  Flag Salute/ Public Comment Announcement Rosa Quintanilla, Chairperson


III.  Roll Call                                                                         Maria Cruz, Secretary


  1.  Minutes (Action Item) Rosa Quintanilla, Chairperson

            Read minutes in silence. Motion to accept minutes/make or accept changes.


  1.  Principal’s Update Eduardo Durán, Principal

            SSC Member termination and Welcome Alternate Member


  1.  Unfinished Business



VII.  Presentation                                                                 Erika Argueta, Title I Designee

            SPSA Development (2018-2019)

                        District required:  Social Emotional Goal

                        What other goals will the school focus on based on our Data?

VIII.  New Business (Action Items)                                                             Eduardo Durán, Principal

  1.  Increase of Parent Center Hours
  2.  Discuss/Develop/Approve current school year Title I School Parent Involvement Policy (PIP)
  3.  Discuss/Develop/Approve current school year School-Parent Compact
  4. Discuss/ select Goals for focus (SPSA 2018-2019)


  1. Agenda Recommendations                         Michael Fahy, Vice-Chairperson

Include items of “unfinished business” supported by a motion

Include items, which are “new business” supported by a motion

  1.  Announcements Iris Martinez, Parliamentarian

(meetings begin at 3PM)

(Translation requests have been submitted, but not guaranteed)


  1.  Public Comment Iris Martinez, Parliamentarian

2 minutes per speaker


XII.  Adjournment                                                                            Rosa Quintanilla, Chairperson


 Next Meeting:  December 7, 2017