We are Hiring!

Thank you for your interest in teaching at Le Conte Middle School, we are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.  

Teacher and Counselor vacancies are available for consideration as follows:

      • Internal Candidates – Current contracted teachers and counselors.
      • External Candidates – Must be cleared through Human Resources prior to pursuing vacancies. Candidates who have not been cleared for employment by Human Resources are encouraged to apply online. 

Los Angeles Unified is offering hiring stipends of $5,000 for newly hired credentialed teachers who elect to work in high-needs schools (High or Highest on SENI Ranking) and commit to remaining at their school site for a minimum of three years.

The $5,000 stipend will be split into 3 payments.

      • $2,000 in the first year
      • $1,500 in the second year, and
      • $1,500 in the third year.

In addition to the stipend, teachers will receive 20 hours of paid professional development each year that is specifically designed for new teachers working at SENI High and Highest needs schools.  The SENI status of each school is marked on each vacancy. 

LAUSD is actively recruiting and hiring in all areas in order to backfill teacher assignments and growth positions resulting from increased student enrollment, particularly in the following subject areas:

Elementary Bilingual
Physical Education
World Languages

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