School Expectations

Discipline Policy Philosophy

Le Conte's discipline policy aims for a school-wide culture which enables students to improve their academic abilities and self-esteem through a foundation of trust and high expectations. It is the goal of the administration, staff and parents to encourage students to exercise self-discipline. Students share the responsibility for creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Le Conte will implement a school-wide culture of positive and Restorative Justice approaches to working with students, staff and parents/guardians.

It is the responsibility of the student to attend school regularly, to show effort in classroom work, and to conform to school rules and regulations and expectations. No student has the right to interfere with the education of fellow students.  The discipline policy will include the students’ rights and responsibilities and LAUSD’s suspension and expulsion policies. The discipline policy will not be discriminatory, arbitrary, or capricious, and will follow the general principles of due process. The policy will be adapted as needed in regard to the discipline of a student with special needs as determined by the provisions of the IDEA.

Le Conte shall ensure that its staff is knowledgeable about and complies with the District’s Discipline Foundation Policy and/or current equivalent policy, as required by the Modified Consent Decree. Le Conte shall comply with the terms of the School Discipline Policy and School Climate Bill of Rights resolution adopted by the LAUSD Board of Education on May 6, 2013

Cell Phone Policy:

Students are to be responsible for their own possessions. The school takes no responsibility for electronic devices brought to campus. The Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy is as follows:

All unauthorized/personal electronic devices (including headphones, earphones and speakers) must be kept completely silent and out of site during all instructional minutes (ie during class time), classrooms have a pocket pouches to store the cell phone during class time.  This includes while students are in hallways and off campus on field trips. Any staff member may confiscate a student’s unauthorized/personal electronic device if it is seen or heard during instructional minutes without providing any warnings to the student.  Additionally, playing music or other sounds from an electronic device loud enough to be audible to a staff member is never permitted on campus or on school sponsored field trips regardless of the time of day.  This includes before school, during lunch, during passing periods, and after school. Any electronic device used to this end may be immediately confiscated by any staff member.  If the device is given to the staff member immediately and respectfully it will be returned at the end of the school day.  If the student refuses to give his/her unauthorized electronic device to the staff member, an office staff member will follow up with the student and notify parents/guardians.  

Uniform Policy:

Le Conte has adopted a School Uniform Requirement for all students. School uniforms assist schools in several ways, such as an enhanced climate of learning, boosting school unity and pride, they are cost-effective, and most importantly they increase school safety and security. The uniform policy is mandatory for all students. Students are expected to arrive in a clean and neat uniform every day. 

Uniform Violations:   Students who are not in uniform will be given a change of clothing for the day.  Office staff member will follow up with the student and notify parents/guardians.  

Uniform Requirements:  Students must wear a gray or white polo shirt with navy blue bottoms (pants, shorts or skirt). 

NOTE: If the student is unable to wear the school uniform due to extenuating circumstances, please notify school administration

Free Dress Day Policy

Students may not wear any type of ripped/cut clothing or clothing with holes.  Students may not wear anything with inappropriate pictures, symbols, or words.  Students may not wear bike shorts and dress/skirts must be as long as your fingertips.  Students may not wear crocs or heels or open toe shoes.

Disciplinary Consequences

Office Disciplinary Referrals (ODRs) are issued for the following major behavior categories: cheating, fighting, harassment/bullying, theft/fraud, use/possession of alcohol/drugs, use/possession of weapons, vandalism/property damage, defiance, disrespect, and out of bounds. An ODR will also be issued for every three punitive wellness center submissions the student receives schoolwide. The consequences for each ODR will follow the progressive disciplinary procedures stipulated in the Office Disciplinary Referral Contract.

GROUNDS FOR SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION: Students who present an immediate threat to the health and safety of others may be suspended or expelled. A student may be suspended or expelled for any of the acts enumerated in this section.

REASONS FOR SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION: (EDUCATION CODE 48900 AND 48915) Le Conte does not consider suspensions or expulsions as effective means of improving student behavior and compliance with school rules and policies. While either or both may become necessary in extraordinary circumstances, disciplinary issues shall first be attempted to be dealt with through other strategies. A student may be suspended or expelled for acts which occur, but not limited to: while on school grounds; while going to or leaving from school; and during, or traveling to or from, a school-sponsored activity.