Principals Message

Principal's Message 

Thank you for visiting our school website.

As the school year gets underway, we are excited to have all our students back at school for direct instruction from their teachers.  We remained committed to providing a safe learning environment where students can gain academic knowledge to succeed at every level and to grow as a global citizen.  Now more than ever, we are committed to the safety and welfare of our students and staff by strictly following district’s safety protocols as students come in the morning, in the classroom, and during unstructured time at school. 

By adhering to these protocols, we will minimize any negative impact on the health of our community and we will maintain a stable learning environment. 

I hope that you will take some time to review all the exciting programs that we offer to our community and beyond.  Our magnet schools and School for Advanced Studies are designed to attract students with specific interest and academic achievement.  We offer a Robotics class that continues to gain more and more interest from our students.  Our dual language in Spanish gives some students the opportunity to learn and practice in their native language, and to others the opportunity to learn a new language. This year, we are excited to offer an Art class that is already becoming a favorite among our students.

We strive to become the school of choice for every middle school-age student who lives in our neighborhood and beyond. To achieve that goal, our teachers continue to meet with their department peers to develop and implement best practices for providing a first-rate learning experience for all students, both in-person and via distance learning.
The school has small learning communities that are designed to address the students’ strengths and interests. The goal of our Communications and Arts Magnet is to provide students with the opportunity to develop written and oral communication skills that can be utilized at school and in their social life. Further, the students study art and create art projects that enhance their creative skills. Our HEAT Magnet, which stands for Health, Engineering, Applied Science, and Technology and our School for Advanced Studies (SAS) continue to provide exciting and challenging learning experiences. To that end, we continue to partner with Project Lead the Way, a nationally recognized organization, that seeks to provide hands on, challenging experiences to the students in this science/engineering magnet.
Our school seeks to form relationships with businesses in our neighborhood such as Paramount Studios which remains a significant community partner as they bring resources, programs and volunteers that enrich our students’ lives. Through our partnership with Paramount Studios our students have access to Young Storytellers where students will have the opportunity to write stories that can be made screen-ready. Another essential partner is the LACER after-school program which is a vital source of enriched opportunities in sports, art, music, and academic support for our students. There is, however, no greater partner in our effort to provide a successful learning experience to all our students than our parents and guardians.
Our goal is to provide every student with an environment that fosters their social and emotional well-being while at the same time creating an environment that promotes academic excellence with the support of teachers, parents and administrators. Our administrative and support team will also promote academic excellence by rewarding students who show dedication and commitment to be at the top of their class.
In 2022, our school will celebrate its 100th year of providing  quality education to the members of the community. For nearly one hundred years Le Conte Middle School has served the Hollywood community by providing students with the foundational knowledge that allows them to successfully navigate through their next stage in life. Our alumni serve communities across the city and beyond. To celebrate this milestone, we will begin a campaign to ask alumni to contact us and to share their successes and contributions to their communities. As they say in the business, stay tuned!
We hope you will join us and support us as your community school.


At your service,

Eduardo Duran