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School Site Council (SSC)



School Site Council


                                                             March 21, 2018 3:00PM-4:00PM
I.  Welcome/Call to Order  Mr. Bailey called the meeting to order at 3:14PM. Quorum established with the last member present, Dolores Abarca.

  1.  Flag Salute/ Public Comment Announcement  Flag Salute led by Tyler Bailey and Public Comment was given by Lynn in from CIS.                              

III.  Roll Call was taken by Mr. Tyler Bailey with 7 members present.                                                                                                      

  1.  Minutes (Action Item) 8 minutes were provided for members to read/approve minutes from the last meeting that was cancelled due to quorum not being established and minutes from January 25, 2018 that should have been read and approved on February 22, but were not due to lack of quorum on that day.  Tyler Bailey Motioned to accept the minutes. Dolores Abarca seconded the motion. 7 Were in favor.  0 Were opposed.  0 Abstained. Motion to accept the minutes for both dates (January 25th and February 22nd) passed.
  2.  Principal’s Update  The Principal’s update included informing members about the progress in removing the fence at the front of the school.  The temporary water bottle ban has been rescinded. Principal Durán addressed the recent disturbances and clarified that such disturbances are really not fights; Mr. Duran and Miss Lester have followed the groups that look suspicious and have noticed that it is just students running without there being an actual physical altercation.  Assemblies being planned to convey the message to students about such behavior. The school had 9 suspensions last year, and this year there are already 7 and while Principal is not proud of that number, there are certain measures that need to be taken.             
  3.  Old Business (Action Items)  There was no Old Business.

VII.  ELAC Recommendations to SSC  There were none, for ELAC will meet the following day and will likely provide recommendations to be addressed by SSC in April’s meeting.

VIII.  New Business

  1.  Principal addressed the SPSA 2018-2019 recommendations/goals to the COUNCIL.

Council was given 20 minutes to read the SPSA Goals and Objectives.

 100% Graduation SMART Goal:  Current research is showing that attendance at all ages is incredibly important and is directly related to student success and graduation rates.  A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn; therefore, Students' attendance will increase by 3% from 97% to 100% in order to maximize student's access to the curriculum.  Because we need to provide a place for students to succeed  the school's goal is to increase High School Readiness rates for 6th to 8th graders in both MATH and ELA by 5%.  In ELA students who meet or exceed in SBAC will increase from 32%( ELA 2016-2017) to 37% by June 2019; In Math, students who meet or exceed in SBAC will increase from 21% (MATH 2016-2017) to 26% according to SBAC results by June 2019.  So that the percent of students who plan to continue their education beyond high school will increase by 5% from 60% (2016-2017) to 65% by June 2019 per the School Experience Survey.

 Ms. Rosario motioned to accept this goal as is.  Ms. Munar seconded the motion.  All were in favor. Motion passed.


English Learner Programs SMART Goal: Reclassification rate will meet District goals of 24% as verified by the Reclassification Rate Monitoring Roster (RRMR) and LAUSD Focus dashboard by June 2019.

The percent of Long Term English Language Learners will decrease from 57% to 52% (of all ELs who are LTELs) by June 2019.

Craig Hopkins  motioned to accept the English Learner Goal as is.  Ms. Rosario seconded the motion.  All seven members were in favor.  Motion passed.

Culture and Climate SMART Goal

  1. Increase the percent of parents who agree our "school provides resources to help me support my child's education" from 85% (2016-2017) to 95% by June 2019 as measured by the School Experience Survey. (This aligns with the LCAP District Target).
  2. Increase the percent of parents who agree that their child's teacher let them know about their progress from 70% (2016-2017) to 80% by June 2019 as measured by the School Experience Survey.

Ms. Rosario motioned to accept the Culture and Climate Goal as is.  Dolores Abarca seconded the motion.  All seven were in favor.  Motion passed.

  1.  Budget Proposal

Members were given time to review proposal and then Principal explained each item proposed for purchase and rationale behind it.

Funding Source


To Purchase





Community Reps

Parent Outreach



Cat Program


Maintenance of Program Compliance



Cat Program Designee

Monitor and Maintain Program Compliance



Intervention Differential

Stipend for Additional time beyond the regular school day



Prob Solv Data Coordinator Differential

Stipend for Additional time beyond the regular school day



PSA Counselor

4.5 days

Parent Involvement/Attendance



Problem Solving Coordinator

Monitor and Maintain Program Compliances



Intervention Coordinator





Instructional Technology Assistant

Monitoring and Maintenance of Technology Support



Other Non Instructional Materials (TOSHIBA)


Amount for overseeing program (non-negotiable)










Mr. Hopkins asked for AR funding.  Guest Saydi Casas clarified that funding for AR will no longer come out of 7S046; instead, AR will be funded from TSP 10183 $12, 227 for AR and NEWSELA software licenses.  Saydi also clarified for College and Career Coach (half from Categorical) and his teaching position coming out of TSP.  Ms. Rosario asked about Curricular trips.  Trips will also be funded by TSP cost of $3000.  Principal clarified that the PSA is funded at 4.5 days and .5 PSA will be coming out of 10183(TSP).

TOSHIBA at $3000 also coming out of  TSP.  100% of ELD Designee coming out of TSP and AP at 35% at $52,434.00.  Mr. Bailey made the motion to approve this budget proposal.  Rosario seconded.  All were in favor. Motion passed. 

Final SPSA vote:  Mr. Bailey motioned to accept the SPSA Goals as agreed by the members present.  Ms. Rosario seconded the motion.  All seven were in favor.                                                                           

  1.  Agenda Recommendations  Mr. Bailey asked if anyone had any agenda recommendations.  There were none.        
  2.  Announcements  Mr. Bailey announced the next meeting for April 26th.
  3.  Public Comment  Public Comment was given at the beginning of the meeting.

XII.  Adjournment  Mr. Bailey motioned to adjourn the meeting at 4:17PM.  Dolores Abarca seconded the motion.  All seven were in favor. Motion passed.



Minutes respectfully prepared and submitted by Erika Argueta, CPA on March 22, 2018.