Health, Engineering, ARTS, & Technology Magnet

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H.E.A.T (Health, Engineering, ARTS, and Technology)



The mission of our H.E.A.T. magnet program is to

provide every student an opportunity to

learn in a nurturing atmosphere, incorporating

individual learning styles, enabling them

to compete, contribute, and flourish in society. This

academically rigorous program

concentrates on the development of analytical and

critical thinking skills that are essential

to improving comprehension in all core disciplines.



Our technologically savvy, scientifically minded young

adults investigate everything

from animal testing and global warming to the merits of

mandatory standardized

assessments in schools.

Exploration of the Arts: painting, music, theater, literature, etc. 





                Lego Robotics  



               Exploratory Science

         Music (Band)

               Korean Culture   

             and more!




                                   ***We also offer 7th & 8th Grade Advanced Math***



Our highly qualified teachers create interdisciplinary

curriculum. This allows students to

learn by making connections between ideas and

concepts across different disciplinary



We welcome the courageous, adventurous learner, who

doesn’t mind getting a little