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Student Handbook


Accelerated Reader (AR)

It is the belief of all stakeholders at Le Conte, and has been proven through research, that reading for at least one hour a day increases a student’s reading proficiency by more than one year. AR is a computer assisted literacy program that utilizes comprehension exams for any work of fiction or non-fiction read by students. Students accumulate points and are recognized for their achievements. All students will be expected to reach their minimum point totals in Homeroom.

Address Change

It is vital to be able to reach parents/guardians by mail and telephone. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to inform the school of any change of address, telephone # or emergency information. Failure to report a change of address within 30 calendar days shall be cause for forfeiture of the right to a Continuing Enrollment Permit. Documentation for change of address such as rental agreement or utility bill must be presented to the Main Office. All parents/guardians are required to complete an emergency card to keep all information current each year.

After - School Activities (LACER)

Our no cost after school program, LACER, is open Monday through Friday.

  • 3 – 6 PM (M, W, Th, & F)
  • 1:20 - 6 PM (Tues)
  • 12:15 – 6 PM on minimum days

Students are invited to join Art, Homework Club, Basketball, Flag Football, Iron Chef, Pom/Cheer, Rock Band, and Soccer.

Students should report directly to LACER the end of the school day. Afternoon snack is provided at the beginning of the program. Students will need to be signed-out during pick–up by a parent/guardian from the program. The gate on La Mirada will remain open until 6:00 PM daily.

In addition, some teachers offer after school tutoring, please check with your student’s individual teachers. Our partners, Youth Policy Institute (YPI) and Communities in Schools (CIS), also offer tutoring, please check in the Counseling Office for availability.



Students are expected to attend school every day, unless there is a valid justification for the absence [Ed Code 48200]. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide documentation within ten (10) days after the student returns to school in order to prevent absences from being converted to truancies. Documentation should be brought to the Main Office when the student arrives at school on the day of his/her return. Documentation must have a date, name, grade, reason for absence, parent signature and contact phone number. Student attendance is kept in MiSIS and remain part of a student’s permanent record. Permission to leave campus at any time is authorized only through the Main Office. Students can only be released to adults listed in MiSIS or on the Emergency Card.

Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC)

Our school participates in the District BIC program and serves breakfast during Homeroom. Students are expected to arrive to school before 7:45am, clean their desk and place trash in BIC trashcans after eating. Custodial staff should be notified of spills so they can be cleaned immediately.


The cafeteria is open daily for BIC distribution and for lunch. Students are expected to memorize their PIN code to ensure a smooth and quick lunch line. Students should eat lunch in the upper and lower lunch areas, and throw their trash away after eating.

Campus Hours

Students are permitted on campus starting at 7:15 AM. The front gate of the school will close at 4:00 PM daily. Students should not be on campus after 3:00 PM except for pre-approved activities or programs. Parents of students enrolled in LACER will need to enter through La Mirada gate to pick-up their child.

Cell Phones / Electronic Devices

The use of cell phones or electronic devices is not allowed during normal school hours. If students have one of these items on campus, it must be turned off and put away in a student’s backpack, or other place where it is not visible. Cell phones / electronic devices may be confiscated (taken from you) by school personnel until a parent/guardian picks it up from school. Photography, videotaping or recording without permission is strictly prohibited. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the site administrator for health needs.

Certificate of Completion

The certificate of completion and participation in the culmination activity will be determined by the grades earned in core subjects of English/ELD, math, science and social studies. Marks earned in PE will also be part of the criteria. Eligible students will earn a district approved Certificate of Completion. Students must earn 21 points out of the possible 30 points to be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

7th Grade


Points C or better


Points C or better

English 7A or ELD**


English 7B or ELD**


7th Gr Math A


7th Gr Math B


WHG: Med/Mod A



Med/Mod B






Beg PE A


Beg PE B


Total Possible Points







8th Grade


Points C or better


Points C or better

English 8A or ELD**


English 8B or ELD**


8th Gr Math A


8th Gr Math B


US Hist G & C A


US Hist G & C B








Int PE A


Int PE B


Total Possible Points






** Students enrolled in both Sheltered (SH) core English and ELD, the SH English course counts for this point system. If students are in a double block ELD class, they will only receive points for one period.

From LAUSD BUL-3815.1, dated January 14, 2014

Code of Conduct

In order to gain the greatest benefits from the educational program offered at Le Conte, each student should be guided by our student Code of Conduct: We are safe, responsible and respectful.


  1. Always walk (to the right) on campus: hallways, quad, lunch and common areas.
  2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  3. Skateboard /scooter must be carried, may not be ridden or stood upon anywhere on campus.
  4. Bikes are to be walked on campus and stored in the bike cage.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings and how your actions may cause safety hazards, especially in high traffic areas (i.e. top of stairs, building entrances, exits, etc.)
  6. When playing in the PE area during nutrition and lunch, be aware of your surroundings. Students playing basketball on the courts, soccer on the grass field have priority.
  7. If your ball lands on a building roof, notify an adult who will help you retrieve it at a later time.
  8. Possession of weapons, alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances on campus are illegal.                                         


  1. Wear the Le Conte school uniform every day.
  2. Arrive to school before 7:45 AM and every class on time.
  3. Bring necessary supplies, PE uniform, and be prepared to learn.
  4. Carry your school ID and agenda planner while at school. Be prepared to show ID and/or agenda if asked by adult staff.
  5. Eat in designated areas. Throw your trash away…keep the school clean and free of litter.
  6. Leave toys, games, gum, radios, laser pens or other electronic devices that distract from learning at home.
  7. No items are to be bought or sold on campus without administration approval.
  8. Follow school rules. Follow District policies.
  9. Strive to do your best every day. 


  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Use appropriate language (calling other people names or cursing…is NOT appropriate). Be Nice.
  2. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Assume goodwill.
  3. Le Conte Eagles fly, not fight. Settle differences with some conflict resolution.
  4. Write on paper! NO TAGGING on books, desks, floors, walls, stairwells, or fences.
  5. Encourage others positively…in class, on stage, in assemblies.
  6. Treat the Earth and our campus as precious resources.


Academic counselors ensure that students are enrolled in the appropriate classes, monitor student progress, and provide counseling and intervention services, in addition to many other duties. If you have questions about class progress, the counselor is the first person you should contact.

Culmination / 8th Grade Activities

Special activities are planned for eligible 8th graders. Eligibility includes grades, having a satisfactory discipline record, no more than eight (8) absences for the entire school year and be cleared of textbook or library financial obligations. Stay eligible!

All eligible eighth graders participate in the culmination ceremony. Academic counselors will meet with parents and students to review requirements and expectations.


Our goal is to develop students who are self-disciplined and able to make good judgments about acceptable behavior. Our philosophy is that no student should be allowed to disrupt the learning of another student. In addition to our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Plan, we have a school-wide progressive discipline plan that includes parents, teachers, intervention coordinator, counselors and administrators. Failure to follow the rules and policies will result in interventions from one or all of the above mentioned individuals. There are also interventions for students experiencing academic, behavioral or emotional difficulties.

Dress Code

Wear the Le Conte uniform policy, plus students should be properly groomed and appropriately dressed for school activities.  Clothing and/or accessories should not distract from the learning process or cause a safety concern.  Clothing must cover undergarments and midriff.  Clothing or accessories with designs that depict alcohol, drugs, nudity, and profanity or gang affiliation are not allowed.  No baseball caps, hats, beanies and bandannas allowed.  No sandals, slippers or open toe shoes allowed.  Sunglasses may only be worn for medical reasons.

  • White or gray collared shirt/blouse (undershirt must also be white or gray)
  • NAVY blue uniform pants, shorts or skirt (NO denim or leggings). Shorts must be at least fingertip length
  • Solid (NO Logos) navy, black, white or gray sweater/jacket or Le Conte sweatshirts
  • College t-shirts may be worn on Wednesdays
  • Spirit t-shirts may be worn on Fridays.
  • Closed toe, flat or low heel shoes (tennis shoes)
Consequences for students out of uniform:
  • Call home to have parent/guardian bring appropriate uniform
  • If available, wear ‘loaner’ uniform
  • Nutrition and/or lunch detention

Inappropriate items of clothing/accessories may be taken by school personnel to be returned to a parent/guardian.


Le Conte offers a variety of elective classes such as computer, drama, journalism, leadership, music, reading, and yearbook. Students involved in academic intervention classes may not be able to take elective classes. Students should speak to their academic counselor about their elective class.

Emergency Cards

Every year a current District Emergency Information Card must be on file, so parents/guardians can be notified in case of an emergency, accident or illness involving their child. Always keep the school informed of any changes. Student can only be released to those individuals listed on the emergency card or in MiSIS.

Extra-Curricular (Eligibility)

For students to participate in activities on and off campus (sports, competitions, performances, mentorships, etc.) they must be eligible. Students must have:

  • 2.0 or higher GPA
  • No more than 3 U’s on your latest report card of which no more than 2 can be in cooperation
  • Satisfactory discipline record

There are a few clubs who meet during or after school. If you are interested in joining or starting a club, ask a teacher to be a sponsor.


Students should show their agenda planner to their parents/guardians daily for communication from teachers. Official progress reports are offered three times each semester, and the final semester grades. All official progress reports and report cards are mailed home.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

To calculate your GPA, add your grade points together and divide by the number of classes. A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, Fail =0

Hall Passes

Students must carry a teacher issued hall pass if they are out of class during instructional time. Students should use restrooms or drink water before school, after-school, and during nutrition and lunch – not during class time.

Healthy Start Office

The Healthy Start Office (in Chandler Hall) is available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday to assist students and families with various concerns. The staff member is able to make referrals to local community agencies that can assist families with services such as shelter, therapy, food, employment, and medical insurance.


Homework is an important part of the middle school educational program. Students are expected to complete assignments daily and submit them on time.

Help is always available through LACER Homework Club or after-school tutoring.

Students/parents should review each teacher’s grading policy for homework, late assignments and/or extra credit. Students should plan to spend 1-2 hours outside of the school day completing homework each day. In addition, students are expected to read (AR book) for 30 minutes each day.

Homework for extended periods of absence can be obtained by contacting the teachers directly or through the Counseling Office.

ID Cards

Each student is issued a school ID card at no cost every year. Students are required to carry ID cards with them at all times while on campus. ID cards are required to check out books from the library and to participate in activities. Students are expected to replace lost or stolen ID cards. Replacement cards cost $5.

Incentives / Recognitions

Le Conte has various incentives and awards to encourage students to do their best. They include Eagle Bucks, Certificates, Pins, field trips, Citizenship Award, Honor Roll, Student of the Month, etc. In addition, school-wide events, activities and celebrations will be provided to acknowledge academic excellence and outstanding citizenship.

Internet Use

Once students and parents sign the District Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), they are invited to use the Internet on school computers located in the library, classrooms and computer labs.


Le Conte leadership is a vital part of the school’s student activities program. Eighth grade students can enroll in Leadership/Yearbook, and 7th grade students can enroll in Leadership/Community Service as their elective, however must maintain school code of conduct and be the role models of the school. Our student leaders plan many exciting school wide activities and participate in various extracurricular activities.  Therefore, need to maintain eligibility for extracurricular activities to remain in those elective classes.


A gym locker will be issued to each student by his/her PE teacher. Locks need to be purchased for the locker within the first week of school. Lockers and lock combinations are not to be shared. Lockers are not available for use outside of the PE period.

Lost & Found

It is helpful that all personal items such as clothing, books, sport equipment, etc. be clearly marked with a name. The school cannot be responsible for any lost items. Items turned in to the main office that are plainly marked will be returned to owner. Unmarked items will be placed in the Lost and Found (located in the intervention office). Please check with the main office if you lost something. Unclaimed items are donated to worthy charities.

Magnet Schools

Le Conte has two magnet schools, Center for Enriched Studies (CES), and Health, Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (HEAT).


Le Conte participates in the Federal Lunch Program and all students are able to eat breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for free. Students may bring their own food or buy snacks from the Student Store. All food should be eaten in the upper and/or lower lunch areas, and all trash should be thrown away in trash cans. No eating or drinking in the hallways or PE area.  


Students need a referral from a teacher to go to the nurse’s office. We are very fortunate to have a nurse available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM, to assist students with medical/safety issues. She can also provide information about vaccination requirements and health concerns. If a student must take medication during school hours, he/she must bring it to the nurse along with specific instructions signed by the prescribing physician. The nurse’s office is closed from 11:30 AM to Noon, if there is an emergency during that time, report to the Main Office. All medication must be kept in the nurse’s office. Students are not permitted to take medication not prescribed by a doctor in school.       

Parent Involvement

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved at Le Conte, the English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC), and the School Site Council (SSC).

In addition, Communities in School (CIS) and Youth Policy Institute (YPI), offer a series of parent workshops on campus throughout the year.

Parents are invited to visit our parent center in room 101 for more information; it is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 9:30 AM.

Personal Property

Personal items of value (games, electronic devices, etc.) should not be brought to school since loss, theft, or damage is possible. Also such items can be distracting to the educational process and may be confiscated by school personnel. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items (including from lockers).

Physical Education (PE)

In accordance with state law and education code, regular physical education class is required every day. The PE uniform is navy mesh shorts or sweatpants with a solid gray t-shirt or sweatshirt. Students are expected to dress every day. Students will change in the locker room and need to purchase a lock to store their belongings during PE class.

Random Metal Detector Searches

The law allows school officials to conduct searches of students under reasonable suspicion. Jackets, purses, pockets, back packs, bags and containers in student’s possession may be searched. In addition, random metal detector searches will be conducted daily.

Safe School Zone

Le Conte is located in a Safe School Zone. During the school day, as well as 60 minutes before and after school activities, any area within 1,000 feet of the school, and 100 feet of a designated bus stop are part of the Safe School Zone (CA Penal Code 626).

Any person who commits a crime near the school or within the School Safe Zone (boundaries posted by signs) is subject to increased or enhanced penalties. Crimes include but are not limited to loitering (hanging on or around school without permission), trespassing, and drug or weapon possession/use. Once the person is prosecuted and convicted, they will be placed on probation and given the ‘enhanced penalty’ permitted under the law.

School for Advanced Studies (SAS)

Students in SAS take honors classes that promote rigorous critical thinking, increased use of technology, and project-based curriculum. Course content is modified to meet the high achievement levels of the students and their capacity for learning.

Single School Plan for Student Achievement

Le Conte stakeholders have written a plan for increased student achievement. It covers every facet of academic life at Le Conte, including how we will work to ensure that all of our students will be successful. If you would like to read the plan, please contact the Title I Office.

Student Store

The Student Store is available to serve Le Conte students before and after school, and during nutrition and lunch. The Student Store sells PE clothes, combination locks, school collared shirts, spirit t-shirts and sweatshirts. It also sells college t-shirts, school supplies and snacks.

Supplies for Students

Here are some of the basic items every student should bring to school:

  • Assigned textbooks
  • Independent reading (AR) book
  • Blue or black ink pen(s)
  • Pencils with eraser
  • Highlighter
  • Notebook with dividers to hold assignments
  • Notebook paper
  • Backpack or bag for carrying all of the above

Students should not bring scissors, staplers, push pins, glue, or permanent markers (Sharpies).

Tardy Policy

The Le Conte first bell rings at 7:38 AM and students need to be in their seat in Homeroom by the second bell at 7:45 AM. The remaining bell schedule has four (4) minute passing periods between classes. Students are expected to be in their classrooms and seated when the tardy bell rings. Students in PE class are expected to be inside the locker room. Students who are late without a written excuse will be marked as an unexcused “Tardy” and consequences include a call home, detention, and/or campus beautification. Excessive tardiness may result in various interventions as well as an unsatisfactory mark on the student’s report card.

Telephone Use

Students may use the office telephone in case of an emergency. They must have permission from office staff prior to using the telephone.


The Smarter Balanced Summative tests are administered during the month of May. In addition, students have interim assessments throughout the year.

It is recommended that students:

  1. Good attendance
  2. Get a good night sleep
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Do their BEST!
  5. Take their time and go over their answers.  
  6. If a cell phone rings or any electronic device is visible during testing, the device will be confiscated and the student will be removed from the testing situation.


Students receive textbooks for each class. They may also receive supplemental books or workbooks. Textbooks should be covered at all times. Students must bring these books to class every day unless told otherwise by their teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to return these books at the end of the school year or before transferring to another school. Books need to be returned in the same condition in which they were issued. Students are responsible and must pay for damages or lost books. Unpaid fees for outstanding textbooks or library fines follow students throughout their time in LAUSD, and will affect students’ eligibility for high school graduation.


All campus visitors must have the consent and approval of the principal. Children not enrolled at the school are not to be on campus unless prior approval of the principal has been obtained.


Check the school website for the calendar of events and other school information.


The school yearbook is published in May. It is designed and produced by the 8th Grade Leadership/Yearbook class under the guidance of our yearbook advisor. The yearbook includes individual photos of each student, group and a collection of pictures of school life during the year. You may purchase the yearbook from the student store.