Volunteer Program

School volunteers is to augment and enhance educational and support services to schools and offices by leveraging the rich talents and expertise of parents and members of the school community. School volunteers contribute to schools and offices in the following ways:

  •  Enriching the school experience for students and staff
  •  Assisting teachers in classrooms and with non-instructional tasks
  •  Assisting with student, staff, parent and community activities
  •  Promoting partnerships between the school and the home/community
  •  Serving as positive role models for students

Volunteers do not receive compensation for services they provide and are not employees of the LAUSD; however, they must meet certain health and safety requirements. School administrators must monitor the volunteer program to ensure that volunteers are appropriately assigned to duties and supervised by designated staff. In schools, volunteers usually perform their duties under the direct supervision of a certificated staff member or under the general supervision of a non-certificated staff member.