For Residents ONLY we have a NEW complete online Enrollment Application


Below you will find our paper enrollment packet for RESIDENTS AND STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE SCHOOL.

Please review each section, the enrollment packet is required for all new students.

Submitting your completed enrollment packet guarantees your enrollment

for next school year.

COMPLETED Enrollment Packets can be submitted:

Main Office

Monday - Friday

9:00 - 2:30 pm

 Closed for lunch @ 12:00 - 12:30 pm

Please email Saydi Casas at sgc7764@lausd.net or Amelia Robles at axr5579@lausd.net

if you have any questions regarding enrollment packet. 

(2) Copies of the REQUIRED Personal Documents to include in Enrollment Packet
  • Driver's license or ID card (if possible include a copy of both parents/guardians for our records)
  • Birth Certificate (child's birth certificate or passport)
  • Utility Bill (only gas, water or electricity with parent/guardian name and address on it within the last 60 days are accepted)
  • Immunization Record (7th & 8th graders must have an up-to-date TDAP)
  • Most recent report card / transcript
  • Most recent IEP and/or 504 Plan (if applicable)
(Please include copies, no originals.  Do Not Include Original Birth Certificate/Passport of student, Only include a copy!)
LACER program offers a variety of FREE extracurricular activities for students who attend Le Conte middle school. The following classes are designed to reflect students interest and need at our school. 
  • Academic Tutoring/Homework Club
  • Art Studio
  • Co-ed Basketball
  • Co-ed Soccer
  • Co-ed Flag Football
  • Co-ed Volleyball
  • Dance Fitness
  • Rock Band
  • Tools for Peace
  • Science Center