Physical Education Department

-Physical Education
-Mr. Clark
*Welcome to Le Conte Middle School. The goal of our physical education program is to introduce and teach a variety of sports and leisure activities that will promote a lifetime of physical fitness. Our P.E program is designed to increase physical fitness, improve self-image and promote positive social interaction.
-Materials needed
* Le Conte grey shirt with the Le Conte blue shorts or Le Conte blue sweatpants.
* Athletic shoes with laces
* Socks
* Per five weeks 3 non-suits equals a satisfactory in Work Habits and 6 non-suits equals an unsatisfactory in Work Habits. 
-Attendance/Tardy Policy
* Per five weeks 3 tardies equals a satisfactory in Cooperation and 6 tardies equals an unsatisfactory in Cooperation. 
-Consequences for Behavior
* Receive a verbal/non-verbal warning
* Meeting with student
* Contact with parent or guardian
* Lunch time detention in P.E office
*Parent, counselor and administration contact
* Referral to the office
* Students skills, improvement, participation and knowledge will be evaluated regularly by various assessments: written test, skills test and fitness test.
* We will be using mastery grading which is on a 4 point scale.
* Grading Scale: 3.3 - 4    = A
                           2.5 - 3.2 = B
                           1.6 - 2.4 = C
                           0.8 - 1.5 = D
                           0 - 0.7    = F