Resource Specialist Program - Grade 8

Resource Program

An integral part of the Resource Specialist Program is the development of a positive self-concept. Self concept is the total range of one's perceptions and evaluations of one's self. It is a learned process just as negative self-concept is learned, then in effect it can also be unlearned by providing experiences that teach our students that they are important people. Development of self-concept is an ongoing process. We must work together to place a strong emphasis on developing a set of feelings for a child to learn who he/she is and what he/she can do to be productive.


The resource specialist program (RSP) provides instruction and services to students who are assigned to the general education classroom for the majority of the school day. The goal of the resource specialist program is to enable students to succeed in the general education environment. The program provides assistance in a variety of ways depending on the needs of a particular student.

The course content is designed to satisfy each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Each IEP is specifically designed to meet each student’s educational needs. This course also enables students to receive remediation or academic assistance in their core content classes. 

Learning Center

In addition to classroom support, there is a learning center, which is designed to support students for Common Core Math, English, Science, and History.  RSP students will have time to complete assignments, preview and review lessons, and clarify instruction.  We will maximize our time in the resource center to gain student achievement and to reach our goal to culminate.

Reading Development/ELD Program

This class utilizes a structured language approach that directly teaches all aspects of language arts, presenting phonemic concepts in a sequential and cumulative, concept-based format. Students learn how to break written words into their distinct phonemes and to identify phoneme/grapheme associations. Progress is dependent upon concept mastery. The goal of this class is to allow students to gain automatic word recognition to increase their reading fluency and comprehension.

In order to support reading instruction, I will work with students weekly in our Reading Program.  Students will retell, make predictions, summarize sequence of stories, and take quizzes to increase reading comprehension.

In order to support math instruction, students will receive weekly support in Algebra to reinforce concepts and lessons that are being taught in the general education setting.  Providing one-to-one support will give your son/daughter the attention they deserve to achieve academic success.   Accommodations will be provided to solve and graph linear equations, work with integers, and solving multiple step equations. 


My incentive program is designed to award points for completed tasks and class participation. These points are used for food and small prizes.  Consequences are dealt with case by case based on information in the IEP.


Class Rules:

1. Be to class on time
2. Be prepared to learn
3. Ask questions if you do not understand
4. Respect 


1. Student warning
2. Change of seat
3. Call Home
4. Parent Conference


CALCULATION OF GRADES: Grades are based on four different types of assignments:

  • Reading Quizzes
  • Written Perfect Paragraphs
  • Projects
  • Daily Warm Ups
  • Assignments are 4 pts. and Projects are 12pts. 

Mastery Grading Scale: A = 4; B = 3; C = 2; D = 1; F = Below 1

            4  - Mastery

            3  - Proficient

            2  - Developing

            1  - Not Yet Proficient