Elective Department - Computers/Intro to Programming and Game Design

Welcome to Computers/Introduction to Programming and Game Design. My name is Mr. Little and I am your instructor. I have been with LAUSD for over 20 years and at Joseph Le Conte Middle School for 4 years. I received my bachelor’s degree from USC. I earned my master’s degree from CSUDH.  I earned my doctorate from A.T. Still University.  I earned a Supplemental Authorization in Computer Science at San Francisco State University.


As our classes proceed throughout the year, we’ll be computing with standards-based exercises, supporting the Health, Engineering, Applied Sciences, and Technology (H.E.A.T.) program, at LeConte Middle School. We start with introductory applications with word processing and spreadsheets, using Applied Digital Skills with Google. We learn to apply these applications with real world scenarios. We move on to Gamestar Mechanic, using and acquiring game design skills.  Scratch is the predominant site for coding skills. This year we'll use Project Stem with AFE as we incorporate Scratch activities.  These are skills that will be critical to success in high school, college and the workplace.


We will also explore other sites and activities as they pertain to the content areas of technology.  Some of these include code.org, CSFirst, and CoderZ.  We have recently teamed with Amazon Future Engineers/Project STEM which provides a host of new and exciting computer science activities.


Aside from our Introduction to Programming and Game Design class we have Lego Robotics with First Lego League.  This exciting course allows the building of sets as well as programming EV3's to complete missions.  We also have a CS Discoveries course with code.org.


A syllabus and additional information can be found in links below.