United States History Syllabus

The 8th grade United States History course is focused on Common Core state Curriculum.  Our students develop the ability to think, read and write critically.  Thus, students using close reading techniques critically analyze both primary and secondary sources. Using that analysis students use that information to produce in depth writing assignments and various projects.  Furthermore, students use the information that they have learned about the past and connect the events to current events in United States and analyze how the past has affected the present. 
The curriculum begins with studying the geography of the United States to the colonization of the United States through the Civil War and Reconstruction period. Students use and are exposed to technology, art, music, writing and drama to discover events and people within and outside the United States who have enriched the political, cultural and societal life of the United States.
Furthermore, students discover and are exposed to universal as well as domestic themes of mankind such as civil disobedience, environmental issues, immigration, and acts against humanity. Students are further exposed to this when visiting the Museum of Tolerance where students explore firsthand acts against humanity. Another opportunity for history to come alive for the students is when all students in the HEAT Magnet are presented with the incredible opportunity to make a trip to Washington D.C. and New York City where they can witness and tour at first hand the White House, the U.S. Capital, Arlington Cemetery, Ford’s Theater, the World War II Memorial, Mount Vernon and many other sites in and around Washington, D.C. The trip ends in New York City where students visit Ground Zero/911 Memorial Museum, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and other historical sites.
Students in HEAT leave their studies of U.S. History with the knowledge that United States History is not only a series of events, struggles and achievements that occurred in this country but is a history and culture connected with and derived from many nations. Our students leave Le Conte with the 21st century skills necessary not only for high school but for career and college opportunities. 
Grades will be awarded based on the following percentages:
Grades will be based on assignments(25%), projects/ writing(35%) and tests/ quizzes(40%).
     1. Follow directions.
     2. Stay in your seat and  keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
     3.  Raise your hand if you wish to speak.  Use appropriate school language.
     4.  No chewing gum or eating/ drinking in the classroom. (Except water)  Keep water/ water bottles off the table. 
     1.  Be polite.
     2.  Respect yourself and others in the classroom.
     3. Do your best.
     1.  Walk quietly into the classroom and go to your seat and get ready for class.(Start warm-up, get materials for class).
     2.  Bring all needed classroom materials.(colored pencils, paper, pen, etc) 
     3.  Use appropriate classroom voices at all times.
     4.   Keep all non-school related items (combs, brushes, make-up, magazines, photos, etc.)
           away or they will be taken away and not returned.
     5.  Put your name, date and period on all your work.  All papers turned in without a name will
         be thrown away.
      6  All cellular phones should not be heard or seen during class time.  Cellular phones will be 
         taken away from students. If students give the cellular phone to the teacher when asked 
         without argument the student may pick up their phone after school.  If students argue or                   
         try to explain, etc. the cellular phone will kept for a longer period of time
     1.  A verbal reminder / Name on the board = A warning.
     2.  One check = One day trash pick-up. (Nutrition and Lunch)
     3.  Two checks ✔✔= Two days trash pick-up, and phone call/ note home.
     4.  Three checks ✔✔✔ = Student is sent to Intervention office and parent conference.
         *Severe Act=Sent to Intervention office & appropriate consequences
     In order for our classroom to run successfully, it is important for everyone to be on time.  If students are late, they not only disrupt their learning, but disrupt the other students as well. If you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings you are tardy!
     Three tardies = Automatic “U” in cooperation on the final report card. (This cannot be changed.)
     Five tardies = two “U’s” on the final report card.  (This cannot be changed.)